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coordination and to minimize the hassle and stress of constructing a single family home or renovation by having a unified professional team in charge of all phases, from concept to final completion.

With Custom Builders and Maintenance, the disciplines of design and construction are unified. This allows for continuity between the vision of design and the realities of construction from the beginning of a project until the last nail is driven.

2. Reality Based Design

This approach saves money because your new home or renovation is designed from the beginning with a specific budget in mind. Since the builder is also the designer/interior designer, your home will be designed with the most cost effective methods and materials. The design/build approach also saves money on design. Since the builder is accountable for the translation of ideas from concept to final product, the plan details and specifications provided by outside professionals are reduced, saving hundreds even thousands of dollars due to reduced requirements for documentation and unnecessary drawings.

3. Committed Design – Unknown Cost

When dealing solely with the designer or an Architect, you have to commit to a design without knowing the cost of your new home or renovation. This often results in an un-built design or one that is much, much more expensive than your original expectations or intentions. In many cases you are forced to lower your specifications because you are tied to a set of plans that are too costly to redraw.

As a design/build company, Custom Builders and Maintenance is uniquely capable of guiding a project from concept to completion within the client's budget limits. Constantly informing design with the realities of construction costing creates solutions that maximize the desired results while working within an established budget.

4. Real Time Savings

The design/build approach saves time and money. Estimating, design and price gathering from subcontractors and suppliers happens simultaneously and since the designer and builder are the same entity, your home can be fast tracked with a unified schedule.

5. Trust Based Relationship

Establishing a comfortable working relationship between you and your builder/contractor is the single most important factor in determining how successful and pleasurable your home-building experience will be. Design/build establishes a unified working relationship between the owners and those responsible for completing your home. In our opinion this is the most important reason for choosing the design/build approach.

6. Value for Dollars Spent

Providing value to our clients is the primary concern of Custom Builders and Maintenance. By using technical expertise to create solutions that maximize resources, value and quality for dollars spent becomes realized on many levels.

We provide you with all the information you’ll need to make informed decisions. Our comprehensive and innovative design/build team is all under one roof. We offer our clients a one-stop design and resource center. Our home designers, using state of the art CAD systems, work in close harmony with our building team to create inspired designs using cost-effective construction techniques. Whether building new or renovating, our team works with you from initial design ideas through to the last touch of paint. You get personal dedication and attention to detail from our staff for every aspect of your project.

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Our goal at Custom builders and Maintenance is to not only help you design, build or remodel your dream home, but to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. We are a full-service design/build company with a wide range of experience. We can help you with all phases of new home construction or remodeling: kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, garages, decks, siding, windows, doors, roofs, fences and flooring. 


1. "Design/Build"

This concept known as the "design/build" approach to residential construction saves you time and money. The design/build approach provides a single source of responsibility and accountability for the entire building  process. It is an alternative to the confusing process of hiring one company to design and plan a project, then seeking another company to interpret those plans and build it, using a separate Architect, Interior Designer and General Contractor. Custom Builders and Maintenance consolidates all the services that are required to initiate the project and carry it to completion. This includes architectural and interior design services, engineering, permit application, budget development and construction services.

With design/build, the client is never put in the position of being a mediator in disputes between the architect, the interior designer and the builder. The goal is to improve