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• CBM has over 17 years experience in property management. For a monthly retainer, we will provide the following services:

 • Regular inspection of electrical circuitry, changing of light bulbs and general maintenance of electrical fixtures.

 • Regular inspection of the plumbing network plus services for plumbing back-ups and minor leaks.

 • Basic carpentry services including door and lock repair.

 • Window changing.

 • As needed, installation of new ceiling tiles.

 • Annual painting of building exterior PLUS minor touch ups

 • Annual pressure cleaning of the roof.

 • Weekly update on the condition of the building PLUS recommendations for improvements and problem solving.

 • Discounts are available on any service requested that falls outside of the monthly contract stipulations.

 • Services of a personal CBM Representative who is on call 24-hours a day to provide emergency assistance.

A Property Management contract with CBM will allow you to budget for minor repairs in advance. More importantly, it helps you to determine potential problem areas before they cause a catastrophe. And, for all of your building maintenance needs, help is just a phone call away... day or night.

We, at Custom Builders & Maintenance can customize a maintenance  program for all major building systems in your home, office, or industrial  building. We have licensed professionals in all major disciplines, (Landscapers, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC Technicians etc.) Our programs can also include commercial/industrial property management and/or maintenance of building complexes.  We also maintain wooded lots, asphalt or concrete parking lots and exotic gardens. We also offer daily, weekly or monthly contract cleaning services for your convenience. Our customers are also provided with a 24hrs emergency hotline in the event that an immediate response is needed. You can choose one or a combination of these services. With one call and for one “LOW FLAT RATE” you have a team of industry professionals ready to take care of all of your maintenance needs.

Contact CBM today to schedule an on-site visit from one of our representatives (242) 677-9623 or (242) 544-8239, you can also submit questions online by emailing info@cbmbahamas.com

Why outsource Maintenance to CBM?

We save you time and money!!!

Your home is one of the single biggest investments you’ll ever make—be sure you do all you can to care for it. Get hands-on advice to help you make the most of your investment and ensure your home remains safe and comfortable for your family. From carpet care and general maintenance to mold and building materials, let CBM be your guide… For new or existing buildings, we are professionally trained and authorized to create maintenance programs specially tailored to your building and your budget.

CBM also provides 24-hour emergency services to clean your building following property damage as a result of fire, smoke, water, wind, and vandalism. Water extraction and drying, smoke cleaning, odor removal, content cleaning, and secure climate-controlled storage are just a few of CBM’s services.

Property Management

CBM is proud to offer an innovative maintenance plan for building owners. Unless you're a contractor, maintaining a building is well out of your realm of expertise. However, keeping your building in excellent condition has a direct effect on your profitability. Too often, money that has not been budgeted for is spent on quick fixes and unforeseen problems. And, improper upkeep of your building leads to diminished property value.